"Fish Out Of Water" – Our Story of Discovering Earth’s Power

After graduating with a degree in Urban Horticulture & Turf Grass Management from the University of Rhode Island in 2007, I had the idea of reconnecting plants growing in plastic pots back to the Earth. I was growing plants in plastic pots, on top of plastic catch trays, elevated over a tile floor, and it occurred to me they were fish out of water.
I was providing my plants the perfect growing environment, fertilizer, and care, but something was still missing. When I wondered how to channel the Earth’s energy into the plant’s pot, my childhood best friend, Michael Corsi, was able to quickly solve the problem.
Corsi is a brilliant electrical engineer who received his EE degree from the University of Rhode Island in 2006. He successfully assembled the first Earth & Grow prototype during the winter of 2008 within hours of answering my query. We then searched the internet tirelessly for months to find anyone who had done this before, but we could not find anything at the time… we barely knew what we were looking for. Over the years, Corsi and I  have been able to teach ourselves the electrical nature of plants through investigation and genuine observations.
Corsi and I filed for a patent to protect our invention in 2009 that is still pending. We have been blessed to received small investment from family, friends, and a world traveling angel… just enough to protect our idea and fund experiments to capture the benefits of reconnecting plants to the Earth. Today, we have assembled an enthusiastic team who is dedicated to bring Earth & Grow to people who love their plants around the world.
Stephen Doyle

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