George Starr White, the Pioneer of Grounding "Earthing" Plants

“Dr. George Starr White was one of the first to experiment with ground rods and plants, as early as 1940! Running copper wires from a grounded copper rod into a series of potted plants, Dr. White found that this simple arrangement greatly stimulated the life processes of his test plants. Wired plants grew taller and flourished. It was remarked that these plants produced better foliage, more beautiful flowers, and more succulent fruit.”
Dr. White, in his early investigations, established that metal grounds enhanced the life force in plants. His early experiments with natural earth currents revealed that plants need specific ground currents by which their life force is greatly magnified.
“Plants absorb gases and mineral waters only because they are biodynamically activated by an external energy. These studies and others show that plants function because they first absorb radionic currents from the ground and from space. Vegetative life functions all but cease in the absence of radionic currents. In this vantage, we study the processes which precede plant metabolism. Indeed, we will learn that the radionic earth currents comprise the fundamental nutritive need of plants. We will therefore focus attention on the energetic precursors to plant life, the radionic currents which raise vegetative forms up from mineral matter. (