The Earthing Institute Sponsors A Proof-of-Concept Sunflower Experiment

Gary E. Schwartz, PhD. at the University of Arizona successfully replicated our cut sunflower experiment! By performing a double blind proof-of-concept study grounding cut sunflowers, Dr. Schwartz observed remarkable benefits. He states that the grounded sunflowers lived for an additional 10 days longer than the sunflowers that were not connected to the Earth. The grounded vase’s water remained as clean and clear as the first day he filled the vases. We have been amazed by these results since we first performed this experiment in 2009 and are very excited to see them replicated by a university researcher.

After presenting our findings to Clint Ober and the Earthing Institute during the spring of 2011, they were kind enough to sponsor this study to see if our results could be replicated… and it worked! 

Earth & Grow kits will be ready for sale in 2012!

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