Earth & Grow Benefits Fresh Cut Cilantro

The same bunch of cilantro that was purchased from a local market was divided into equal halves and placed into a small vase filled with the same amount of tap water. An Earth & Grow prototype was placed in the vase on the right.

The cilantro that was not plugged in rotted and turned to mush 10 days before the cilantro that was plugged in using the Earth & Grow device!

It is recommended to store cilantro by placing it in the refrigerator in a glass of water and loosely covering it with a plastic bag. This procedure will keep most cilantro fresh for a week, but this depends on how it was treated at the market. By plugging in your cilantro, you can get it to stay fresh 4 times longer… for an entire month instead of a week!

Day 1

Day 2
Day 19
Day 28