Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance of Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Early this spring, we purchased 2 identical dwarf Alberta spruce trees. We connected the tree on the right to the Earth using an Earth & Grow prototype and tracked their growth for 6 weeks. The grounded spruce produced growth that was more vibrant, symmetrical and developed than the control spruce that was not connected to the Earth.

The real magic occurred when we decided to disconnect the spruce tree and stopped watering both plants to see which would stand up best to drought. The grounded spruce lived for 2 weeks longer and lost a fraction of the needles compared to the control. Check out the photos below! This experiment again shows the residual benefits of treating certain species with the Earth’s electrical energy.

Day 1

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance in Conifer SpeciesAfter 6 Weeks

Earth & Grow dwarf Alberta spruce after 6 weeks of being connected to the Earth

Day 1 – No Water

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance in dwarf Alberta spruce

After 2 Weeks – No Water

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance in dwarf Alberta spruce


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Product Details

During the past few months we have transitioned from performing experiments to finalizing our product design, manufacturing the first 100 Earth & Grow kits, as well as designing our website and launching our company.

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