Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance of Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Early this spring, we purchased 2 identical dwarf Alberta spruce trees. We connected the tree on the right to the Earth using an Earth & Grow prototype and tracked their growth for 6 weeks. The grounded spruce produced growth that was more vibrant, symmetrical and developed than the control spruce that was not connected to the Earth.

The real magic occurred when we decided to disconnect the spruce tree and stopped watering both plants to see which would stand up best to drought. The grounded spruce lived for 2 weeks longer and lost a fraction of the needles compared to the control. Check out the photos below! This experiment again shows the residual benefits of treating certain species with the Earth’s electrical energy.

Day 1

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance in Conifer SpeciesAfter 6 Weeks

Earth & Grow dwarf Alberta spruce after 6 weeks of being connected to the Earth

Day 1 – No Water

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance in dwarf Alberta spruce

After 2 Weeks – No Water

Earth & Grow Increases Drought Tolerance in dwarf Alberta spruce


Earth & Grow Kits Selling on Amazon!

Product Details

During the past few months we have transitioned from performing experiments to finalizing our product design, manufacturing the first 100 Earth & Grow kits, as well as designing our website and launching our company.

This project has been an amazing journey and we are excited to be moving forward with great feedback from our initial customers and support from all of our friends and family.

The simple idea of how to reconnect potted plants to the Earth’s energy is gaining forward momentum everyday with positive results from happy customers. The Earth & Grow team has expanded to include manufacturing, shipping, distribution, graphic designers, web developers, consultants, investors and university researchers. We are blessed to be experiencing this opportunity and are excited to be evolving the way the world grows and preserves their plants.

Check us out on Amazon to purchase your Earth & Grow Kit. Our revolutionary growing systems are designed to plug in from 4 to 24 plants and provide them access to the Earth’s energy year after year. This is a one time purchase that will continuously increase the health, yields and quality of your plants for years to come.

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Earth & Grow Benefits Fresh Cut Cilantro

The same bunch of cilantro that was purchased from a local market was divided into equal halves and placed into a small vase filled with the same amount of tap water. An Earth & Grow prototype was placed in the vase on the right.

The cilantro that was not plugged in rotted and turned to mush 10 days before the cilantro that was plugged in using the Earth & Grow device!

It is recommended to store cilantro by placing it in the refrigerator in a glass of water and loosely covering it with a plastic bag. This procedure will keep most cilantro fresh for a week, but this depends on how it was treated at the market. By plugging in your cilantro, you can get it to stay fresh 4 times longer… for an entire month instead of a week!

Day 1

Day 2
Day 19
Day 28

Earth & Grow Increases Undergrowth and Vitality in University Study

Earth & Grow devices were used on multiple species of plants in a student’s independent study at a local university. This post focuses on Coleus plants which were one of the many exciting results from the experiment. Below are a few pictures of identical Coleus plants dating from December 13th to March 2nd. The Coleus on the right was plugged in using an Earth & Grow prototype.
In these pictures observe how the Earth & Grow device enhanced the plant’s branching, undergrowth, vitality, and color!

Day 1

Week 7

 Week 12

Earth & Grow Enhances Growth and Development of Pepper Plants

These pepper plants were grown under a sky light in a poorly ventilated garage last summer. Day time temperatures averaged over 85 degrees. The plant that was plugged in using Earth & Grow grew much healthier, producing more branches and dozens more flowers than the control, while showing little if any signs of heat stress throughout the 8 weeks. 

The pepper plant that was not connected to the Earth was clearly affected by the heat and lack of air flow in the garage. It produced dull, wilted leaves and stunted growth. This experiment clearly demonstrates the benefits of reconnecting a plant to the Earth when grown in an indoor environment.
Day 1

Week 5
Week 8 

Can Plants Think, Communicate, and Remember?

In a new study, scientists have found a cabbage relative capable of remembering and responding to information. Plants are able to remember information and react to it, thanks to an internal communications system that can be likened to a central nervous system in animals, according to a new study by a Polish plant biologist.

Plants “remember” information about light, and a certain type of cell transmits that information, much like nerves do in animals.

In the study, which was published in the early online version of the journal Plant Cells July 16, the researchers found that light shone on one leaf of an Arabidopsis thaliana plant caused the whole plant to respond. The response lasted even after the light source was taken away, suggesting the plant remembered the light input. 

“The signaling continues after the light is off; it is building short-term memory,” said the lead author, Stanislaw Karpinski, in an e-mail message. “The leaves are able to physiologically ‘memorize’ different excess light episodes and use this stored information, for example, for improving their acclimation and immune defenses.”

In the video below Stefano Mancuso talks about the roots of plant’s intelligence at the July 2010 TED Lecture in Oxford, England.
Below is another video on plant intelligence from the BBC.


Electricity Running Through Wire Creates Electromagnetic Field

“When an electrical current flows in a wire, the movement of the electrons produces a similar field in space, but one that is oriented around the wire. If the current is a DC (direct current), the magnetic field is steady, like that form a permanent magnet. The strength of the magnetic field depends upon the amount of current flowing in the wire–the more current there is, the stronger the magnetic field will be. If the current in the wire is fluctuating, the magnetic field will have the same fluctuations.” (